The press is generally quite good at covering the TV campaign. On the TV website’s own web pages, there are pictures and articles that the press can use for their own affairs, but some media go a little further and make their own things as well. The press is also good at engaging people, for example, by pushing ads free of charge, or encouraging people to go with gays. How to reach more people and create a stronger impression of the big event.

Glad Cases

Gladsaker always fails, and in the time around the TV campaign, the press can find many fun things in the local community. For example, they can write about entertaining companies, schools that organize bazaar and collections for the TV campaign, and children who find various activities to contribute. Such matters also help to engage even more. The television campaign tends to gather people, and both young and old, Norwegians and immigrants contribute. Therefore, there are many good approaches you can use when writing about the collection action. The press has had a bad reputation in recent decades, because it’s so much negative to read about every day – so it’s extra cool to see happy news on the front pages! Spread some kindness, spread a good mood and positive community engagement! Had you just focused on such news, we would not need more TV actions.

Local fighter

If two municipalities or two neighboring cities compete against each other to raise the most money, the press is good at covering this as well. Especially the local press gets engaged, and obviously heals on its own. They may speak with politicians and residents, and try to “stir up” the mood in a peaceful way, so that residents become more motivated to beat the neighbors. Commitment is a key factor for the TV campaign, and dedicated press staff and newspapers can do a lot to get people interested in the collection.


The press also contributes with important information, for example about what time the action takes place; ie date and time Not everybody knows that the bushes only come between 16:00 and 18:00. It may be fair for the local newspapers to inform so that people are both at home and have money they can put on the guns. As long as people know when the bursts go by and what the TV campaign is, it becomes easier to share some of the prosperity with the most effective charity in Norway.

Unfortunately, there is always someone trying to cheat money. This can also happen during the television campaign, through fake gangsters. To protect against this, the TV action keeps the look of the guns secret until just before collection so nobody will be able to copy the gossip. Also here newspapers can contribute. They tell people how the ghosts look and how to recognize a real gay bearer, like comparing the number of the ghost and the person. Good information is essential for people to feel safe when they give money. Nobody wants the money to be in the wrong hands. Good information also ensures that people’s trust in the TV campaign is maintained, and it is important for the commitment.

Follow-up of projects

The press can also contribute to follow-up of cases in retrospect. Some features of the TV show can awaken strong emotions, and many people wonder how people are going to get help and the projects the money is going to go for. Even though NRK is good at making such follow-up cases themselves, it never hurts to get help from others. The press thus has both an informative role and they can be a kind of neutral observer who checks that the money really goes for what they intended.


Statistics may be boring sometimes, but during the TV campaign there are many who would like to know how well their own municipality and their own county did. The press often pushes information about this so that good municipalities can enjoy themselves, while municipalities who did it worse may be inspired to sharpen next time.